Why Movinghub is so valuable to your business

At Movinghub we are always focused on empowering businesses to increase their customer proposition and streamline business processes through our solution. With Movinghub technology, your business can seamlessly provide utility connections and a vast range of home services to your customers for free. Our dashboards provide partners with full transparency on their customer referrals, from contact status to choice of services, right through to the rewards earned.

However, beyond providing your customers with a stress-free moving home service, Movinghub also benefits you and your business in many ways:

  • Offer the Movinghub service under your brand

Movinghub enables businesses to provide the utility connection and home services solution completely under their own brand using their white label technology. That means you essentially create your own utility connections and home services business in a matter of minutes by signing-up to use Movinghub.

  • Develop solid customer relationships

Your customers use and trust your business to arrange some pretty big things in life, buying a house, taking out a mortgage, managing their property, leasing etc… They develop a report with your business and brand which is why Movinghub felt it was really important for you to offer this convenient service under your own trusted brand and empower you to be able to do this seamlessly.

Movinghub provides a call centre of Movologists who will become your customers’ personal concierge and assist them through their entire move journey. The Movologists even call customers on behalf of your business so even the phone calls are branded to your business for consistency

  • Simplify business processes

Long gone are the days of manual utility connections! Now you can refer a customer to not only arrange their utilities but also their removalist, cleaner, packer, storage facility, solar power, pest control and a whole lot more all at the click of a finger. No paperwork, no phone calls, you can either complete a referral manually online or if you integrate with us this can all be done via API.

You can also have your own self-branded microsite that enables your customers to access the service for free themselves.

  • Increase business revenue

Movinghub offers their solution for free and it’s also free for moving customers to use. And it gets better… because, for every electricity connection made, your business can potentially earn a minimum of $65 in rewards. However, there’s also the huge probability that you’d earn much more when a customer connects gas, broadband and pay-tv which are moving home essentials. Movinghub also provides such a vast range of other home services like removals, packing, pest control, storage, solar, cleaning, locksmiths, gardening and more that all provide rewards when the services are used.

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Getting started with Movinghub is really easy and we’re always here to help, contact us now to sign up in minutes. Visit https://movinghub.io/partner-with-us/ to learn more.