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The Hub

The Hub is a multi level platform that enables the creation of multiple campaigns to supply services to consumers and properties.


Campaign Manager

Create multiple campaigns to enable the management of different offices, branches, agents and colleagues to provide services to their customers.

Setup Wizard

The wizard provides Step-by-step assistance to get you up and running by entering basic business details to start your first Campaign.


Access a quick widget and/or an online move widget that can be easily embedded onto a webpage of your choice to assist moving customer conveniently online.


Create a company and agent microsites to conveniently connect with, and assist various users to easily access and utilise your move/home service proposition.


Access direct support from via your account manager, or visit our website or partner app for online chat support.

Hub Dashboard

The Hub dashboard provides complete transparency and real time reports and metrics across all campaigns. Visible to the Hub Admin, at anytime you’re up to date with how your customers are engaging with your campaign/s. Better yet, see how much revenue your business is generating.


In each campaign administrators are able to activate and configure modules. The Connections Module provides access to Movinghub’s curated Marketplace featuring a range of energy, boradband, moving and home related plans and services.


Utilise various integration options for a seamless business and user experience. Push and pull data in a matter of seconds, embed an agent widget to enable a convenient referral process for your employees and/or refer customers to Movinghub directly from your system through API.

Invite your Sales Team/Users

Within each campaign, different users can be invited to utilise the module services and to insert they own leads and manage them.


Identify new leads, opportunities and analyse your data for retargeting of current customers with additional services.

Seamless API integration with service providers & referral partners

Access various integration options with Movinghub for a seamless business and user experience. Push and pull data in a matter of seconds, embed an agent widget to enable a convenient referral process of your employees and/or Send leads to Movinghub directly from your system through API integration.

Multiple workflow options

Work through lead pools by filtering through referring agents, move dates and more.

Email & SMS automation

Access and configure email and sms automation, your customers will be notified before they are contacted about connecting or using service once they have been referred. They will also receive automated confirmations and to notify them is they have missed contact.

Multiple UI (entry point technology).

Customers are easily referred to Movinghub or to your Movinghub CRM via widgets, through integrations, manually through the partner app and more.

Full reporting & reconciliation capabilities.

View detailed reports on agent referrals, connections and services used, pending and actioned applications and commissions earned and paid.

Appointment scheduler

Arrange a specific time to call a customer to assist them with their move, these scheduled calls will be visible at the top of the workflow list on the required date and time order.


Expand your existing network of service providers, offer your customers a wider variety of moving services and do everything under your own brand to enjoy all the conversions, communication and systems within minutes.

Configure multiple solutions & campaigns

Track Commissions & Set Commission Share

Enable/disable Service Providers

Manage Agents

View History


Movinghub’s utility and home service software is designed to empower you to help customers move home with ease. Find third party software that works with Movinghub to improve and streamline the end-end journey.

Data Pull

Use in house developers to connect to existing CRM to pull data.

Data Push

Use Movinghub API to connect to CRM to push data into different campaigns.

Agent Integrations

Easily embed the Agent Widget onto your chosen webpage to offer your agents quick and easy referral process.

Customer Integration Widgets

The Quick Move Widget is designed as a quick way for a customer to request a call back from a Movologist. To improve the call back experience, customers are requested to choose from a list of services that they are interested in and provide some basic details about the move.


The Online Move Widget is designed to provide agents and customers the ability to choose from two customer experiences. 1. Is to receive a call back from a Movologist to assist with the move. 2. The customer can choose to “Continue” the form and view and select plans online to complete their move themselves.


Send leads to Movinghub directly from your system 

through API integration.
Top 5 API functions

– Update records

– Push & pull data remotely

– Pull reports

– Pull application status

– Pull available services, 

  providers and plans

Our Integrations

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Partner App

The Movinghub Partner App has been created with our partner’s desires in mind. Its functions and features have solely been centred around creating efficiency and convenience in the palm of your hand with a great range of features.

Push notifications

Receive notifications of lead contact, connections and actioned status.

In depth and transparent reporting

View detailed transparent reports of agent referred leads, call status on each lead, actioned leads and more.

View and manage multiple business campaigns

View individual campaigns, track your lead statuses and manage campign actions.

Multiple referral entry points

Refer customers manually by entering details or conveniently photograph a written application and send it through to Movinghub to process.

Track lead status and commissions earned

Access reports on current leads, actioned leads, and commissions earned.

Multiple support options

Request a callback, send an email or live chat with a Movologist for support.

Movologist Service

Use our personal concierge service of Movologists who are experts in the moving field. They will discuss the move process with customers and talk them through the plans and offers that are available with leading providers and enable them to make selections that suit their home and budget.

Expert Assistance

Movologists are trained experts in moving and home services who will guide you through the move process.


Movologist assistants can be accessed over the phone, chat, email and social media channels during office hours. 

Locally Based

All of our Movinghub locations offer a locally based Movologist team to service your customers.

Bill Review

Along side moves and home services, our Movologists are able to provide customers with a bill reviews and hopefully save them some money.