Enhance your Software Company Create an adjacent revenue stream by providing utility connections & moving services adding value to their brand.

Movinghub makes it simple for Software Companies to enhance their customer service proposition by seamlessly enabling moving and home services via an integration process.

As a company who provides software to partners, Movinghub offers your business the opportunity to white label the Movinghub service under your own brand and enable you to then offer the service on to your partners. This will immediately expand your partner proposition and in turn expand the service proposition your partners can offer their customers.
Your software partners can only benefit from the Movinghub relationship, by turning on our service through your system and accessing the automated referral process which can be arranged in a matter of minutes.

Companies using our technology to deliver solutions
to their partners

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Why should you become a Movinghub partner?

Provide your customers with utilities and essential home services
Earn commissions for every connection and service used
Work completely under your own trusted brand
Detailed and transparent reporting on your customers & commissions
Utilise our Movologist service or manage your customers your way
Independently owned to offer your customers choice
Trusted by over 6000 partners & half a million moves

Get started in under 5 minutes!

1. Register your business

Set up your campaigns. Select service modules for each campaign. Choose how you would like your customers to be serviced through the Connections and ConnectionsPLUS packs

2. Your Customer Journey

Once a customer is created in your CRM or referred to Movinghub, they will embark on the service selection journey.

3. Confirmation

Customers will receive an email outlining the services selected and confirming the date of connection.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Both package options will provide your customers with a streamline and convenient service.

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