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Pricing Calculator

Interested to understand how much you can earn?

Please use the below calculator to estimate your potential earnings, slide the amount of clients you expect to process through the system, select the services you will offer and see the estimated earnings against our two main packages, Connections, and ConnectionsPlus.

Package Features

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Custom Package

  • 100 monthly
    • Custom Package
    • Customised solutions to suit your business
      • CRM
      • Marketplace
      • NPS Score
      • 100% Commissions
      • Completely Control your Customers’ experience
      • Price dependable

Movinghub has created custom solutions for tier one energy providers, real estate companies, telecommunictations companies and more. These solutions have transformed the serivce propostion of these companies instantaeously by completely expanding the service selection for customers and, in turn, increasing business revenue.

If you have large scale or unique style business that doesn’t fit our ‘Connections’ or ‘ConnectionsPLUS’ models we would really love to hear from you and work with you to come up with a solution that will enhance your business. 

Contact us to find out how we can transform your business.

Origin Energy - Custom Partner

The effort put in from you and your team throughout the last two months had been incredible! Nothing has been too hard or too difficult to do even when I've suggested last minute changes to design. You've proven UHub's ability to be agile and dynamic once again and it's always fun working you. Love your professionalism!

Companies we’ve worked with