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We enjoy integrating with like minded businesses and are always looking to create efficiencies in the moving and home services space.

Becoming an integrations partner will be a mutually beneficial relationship for our businesses and our customers, so contact us today to learn more.

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Movinghub – Software Platform Integration

An integrated Marketplace-as-a-Service solution with a moving customer experience rolled into one.

As a software company you are likely using your software to deliver solutions to your clients, and at times allowing them to use your software to deliver solutions to their clients.

Movinghub provides a large number of technology companies around the world the opportunity to integrate their software with our software at various levels of complexity to deliver utilities, home services and bill comparisons to their clients, and to their clients clients.

Movinghub’s Marketplace-as-a-Service and white label technology enables software providers to plug in and extend their product suite seamlessly – adding value, creating customer experiences and generating revenue. 

The MovinghubAPI can be consumed in varying ways, from a simple lead referral to creating custom white label experiences. To highlight the preferred approaches to platform integration, we’ve simplified into three options:
1. Light Touch
2. Create
3. Custom