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Lee Wei Tuck
Lee Wei Tuck
01:09 16 Sep 20
Friendly and helpful for me to get connected to utilities for my new rent house.
Nikita McDonald
Nikita McDonald
22:32 02 Sep 20
As an agent, Moving Hub makes my job so much easier with their seamless connection services! Highly recommend!
Donna Ford
Donna Ford
21:24 23 Aug 20
Excellent to deal with. Everything was up in running in a few hours. Totally recommend this service. Made everything just so easy. :)
07:02 15 Jul 20
Thanks for organizing all our utilities swiftly !
06:12 04 Jul 20
Excellent service it makes moving so much easier when you have someone to help set everything up for you, and also remind you of things to set up that you may have forgotten! Absolutely great service, id use them again!!
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma
01:27 11 Jun 20
Very friendly staff helped me choose the best deals and made sure everything was ready before we move. Highly recommended
Lauren Day
Lauren Day
20:36 28 May 20
Movinghub were brilliant, a very quick online survey, a phone call to confirm a few things and it was all done. It couldn't have been easier! Jordan even called to say he found a better option than the one I originally selected. I was dreading connecting everything, but this was fast, easy and painless!
swapna thomas
swapna thomas
01:39 30 Apr 20
They were very helpful and the person who I was speaking with was very polite and cheerful.
Christine Chen
Christine Chen
01:23 21 Apr 20
Quick and easy. Abel has helped me to arrange the essential home setting I need with effortless.
Lianne Viera
Lianne Viera
23:02 15 Apr 20
Very easy service to use and made my energy connection very simple. Nice to have it taken care of during a stressful time moving during Covid-19
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Are you a Property Manager? Movinghubs Utility Connection Software is Designed for You

Utility connection software for property managers provides your business with a number of benefits.

As a property manager, you understand that assisting clients with their utility connections is a service that sets you apart from other real estate businesses. The process of connecting and disconnecting utilities can sometimes be daunting, clients can rest assured knowing that you have the know-how and technology to make the process smoother for them.

For property managers, white label utility connection software is sure to keep you in the forefront when it comes to utility connections. With Movinghub’s white label utility connection software you will be able to provide your clients invaluable assistance with their utility connections or utility transfers.

White label utility connection software benefits

Utility connection software for property managers provides your business with a number of benefits

– Adds value to your existing services

– Improves client interaction

– Creates great marketing content

– A point of difference

– Conduit for your business and commercial partners

– Industry-leading revenue generation


With white label utility connection software, you can continue to support and assist your clients as they go through the process of purchasing or leasing a property and moving into their new home. As a property manager, you are able to assist your clients with their utility connections and perhaps earn yourself a commission for doing so.

When it comes to utility connections, often clients have to endure a tedious and lengthy process of cancelling their utility connection at their previous home and connecting a new connection at their new home. With Movinghub’s utility connection software, you are fully equipped to not only assist your clients but guide them through the process in an effortless manner.

What are the features of white label utility connection software?

The white label utility connection software features the following:

– Performance dashboard

– Embeddable UI

– Microsite technology

– Configurable services, notifications, and commission share

– Using the software to help clients


Whenever you use the white label utility connection software, your client will be teamed with a Movinghub Movologist dedicated to assisting and guiding white label partner clients throughout their move. The Movologist becomes the moving customer’s personal concierge learning their requirements and budget and then finding the providers to suit them and their property. A huge benefit to the customer is the ability to arrange a wide variety of services in the one phone call. From electricity to broadband, from gardening to cleaning, the Movologist is dedicated to assisting clients with as many aspects of their move as possible.

Did we also mention that the utility connection software for property managers is free? It comes with a strong support team giving you all the help you need and a chat service incorporated into the software interface as a means to make communication with the support team easy for both you and your clients.

With Movinghub’s white label utility connection software, you are able to be with your clients every step of their move. Whether it is moving into a newly purchased home or changing rental homes your client can rest assured that you are available to help them with all their moving and utility needs.

To get started with Movinghub’s white label utility connection software visit

We are able to offer our tenant clients a full utility connection service, and because Movinghub integrates with our leasing software, we don’t even have to lift a finger!

~ Laura Valenti, Solutions Property Management