Customer Relationship Manager

Innovative, insightful, integrated and intelligent CRM to seamlessly retarget your customers with additional services
across multiple call centers and campaigns.

Grow Faster And Collaborate Better With Movinghub’s Powerful CRM.

Generate new leads and win back former customers. Utilihub allows you to collect, organize and manage customer information in one sophisticated executive management dashboard.

Track new opportunities, know who is responsible for the next step and act quickly to move your leads through the sales funnel . From managing multi-level powerful campaigns to managing your products and services at all stages of its lifecycle, Utilihub is the stack for you.

Gain More Insights Into Your Business, Find New Leads, Close More Deals And See Your Entire Pipeline.

Take a proactive approach for your customers and effectively allocate your resources using cloud-based white label CRM platform that is built to evolve the user experience.

Organize your multiple services across a range of categories including but not limited to energy, broadband, insurance and finance as well as moving and maintenance services. Enjoy a successful user adoption as Utilihub permits configuration to meet your processes and customer needs in all levels.

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